Terms & conditions

§ 1

  1. Account – regulated in these Terms & conditions free-of-charge feature of the Store (service), through which the Purchaser can set up his/her individual account in the Store, where data provided by the Purchaser and information about orders placed by him/her in the Store are stored;
  1. Orderer or Customer – any entity ordering from the Store;
  1. Store – Internet store operated by the printing house at www.sklep.mbprint.pl;
  1. Service Provider – MB print Marcin Borowski, 5/29 Lewandowskiego Street, 70-237 Szczecin, VAT UE: 8513144062;
  1. Business days – weekdays from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays in the Republic of Poland;
  1. Delivery – delivery of the prints specified in the order by the Service Provider to the Ordering Party via the Supplier;
  1. Provider – a courier company cooperating with the Service Provider;
  1. Goods – products presented by the Service Provider via the Store, which may be subject to printing services;
  1. Agreement – agreement for the provision of printing services, concluded remotely in accordance with the Terms & conditions, between the Client and Service Provider;
  1. Order – the Orderer’s declaration of will submitted via the Order form and aimed directly at concluding a Agreement with the Service Provider;
  1. Registration form – a form available in the Store, allowing you to create an Account;
  1. Cart – an element of the Store’s software, where the Goods selected by the Client are visible, as well as there is a possibility to establish and modify the Order’s data;
  1. Terms & conditions – these rules of the Store.

§ 2
Contact with the Service Provider

  1. Postal address: MB print Marcin Borowski, 5/29 Lewandowskiego Street, 70-237 Szczecin, Poland.
  2. E-mail address: info@mbprint.pl.

§ 3
General provisions and use of the Store

  1. All rights to the Store, including author’s economic rights, intellectual property rights, as well as rights to designs, forms and logotypes placed in the Store (with the exception of logotypes and photographs presented in the Store for the presentation of goods, the copyrights to which belong to third parties) belong to the Service Provider.
  1. The Service Provider will make every effort to ensure that using the Store is possible for Internet users with the use of all popular web browsers, operating systems, device types and Internet connection types.
  1. The Service Provider uses the mechanism of „Cookies” files (cookies), which are stored on the final device of the Ordering Party while using the Shop website. The use of „Cookies” is aimed at the proper functioning of the Shop. This mechanism does not damage the Customer’s terminal equipment and does not cause any configuration changes in the equipment. Cookies are used for statistical and marketing purposes as well as to make the website functions available. Using the appropriate function of the browser, you can delete cookies at any time, as well as block their use in the future. To find out how to manage cookies, please refer to the help file of your browser. You can read this information by pressing the F1 key in your browser. If you do not disable cookies, this means that you agree to their use.
  1. In order to place an Order in the Store and to use the services available on the Store’s website, it is necessary to have an Account.
  1. It is prohibited to provide unlawful content and to use the Store in a manner contrary to the law or violating the personal rights of third parties. It is not permissible to use the resources and functions of the Store in order to conduct business that violates the interests of Service Provider.

§ 4

  1. In order to create an Account, the Buyer is required to make a free registration. Registration is necessary to place an Order in the Store. Registration is made by completing the Registration Form available on the Store’s website.
  1. During the registration process the Ordering Party has an opportunity to read the Terms & conditions and accept their content. The Ordering Party may also voluntarily agree to have their personal data processed for marketing purposes. Granting consent to data processing for marketing purposes does not condition access to the service of maintaining an Account. Consent may be withdrawn at any time by submitting an appropriate statement to the Service Provider.
  1. After submitting a completed Registration Form, the Ordering Party shall receive a confirmation of registration by electronic means (to the e-mail address provided in the Form). With this moment, the agreement on providing electronic services for maintaining an Account is concluded, and the ordering party obtains the possibility to access his Account and make changes to the provided data, with the exception of the login.

§ 5

  1. The information contained in the Store does not constitute an offer by the Service Provider within the meaning of the Civil Code, but only an invitation to the Service Provider to make an offer to conclude the Agreement.
  1. The Orderer can place Orders in the Store 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  1. The Orderer places an Order via the web page of the Store by selecting the Goods he/she is interested in, specifying their printing specifications and choosing the „Add to cart” option. After completing the whole order in the shopping cart, the Orderer chooses the way of delivery and method of payment and places the Order by clicking the button „Order with obligation to pay”. Each time, the Ordering Party shall be informed about the total price of selected Goods and Delivery, as well as about all additional costs one has to pay in connection with the conclusion of the Agreement.
  1. Placing an Order constitutes an offer by the Ordering Party to the Service Provider of a Agreement for the Goods which are the subject of the Order. After placing an Order, the Ordering Party receives an e-mail confirmation of placing a new Order.
  1. The Service Provider shall send to the e-mail address provided by the Client information about acceptance of the Order for execution. This information is the Service Provider’s statement of acceptance of the offer referred to in §5.4 and upon its receipt the Agreement with the Principal is concluded.
  1. The VAT invoice for the order will be issued only if the NIP number is given in the Ordering Party’s data when placing the Order. 

§ 6

  1. Prices of Goods displayed in the Store are gross prices and do not include information about delivery costs or other additional costs.
  1. The Ordering Party may choose the following forms of payment for the Order:
  1. Bank transfer – to the bank account of the Service Provider (execution of the Order will begin after the receipt of funds in the bank account of the Service Provider);
  1. Payment card or bank transfer through an external payment system – www.tpay.com, operated by the company Krajowy Integrator Płatności S.A. based in Poznan (Order processing will begin after receiving information from the system www.tpay.com that the payment has been credited). 
  1. The Ordering Party is informed on the Store’s website of the deadline by which he is obliged to make payment for the Order. In the event of default of payment by the Customer, the Service Provider shall send the Ordering Party an additional payment reminder by e-mail. In case of ineffective expiration of the 14-day period for payment, the Order shall be cancelled automatically. 

§ 7
General Terms and Conditions

  1. To the extent not covered by these Terms and Conditions, the General Terms and Conditions available at this address https://www.mbprint.pl/files/MBprint_OWU_v4_22102020-en-US.pdf shall apply.

§ 8
Free of charge services

  1. Service Provider provides through the Shop free of charge services of maintaining an Account.
  1. The above services are provided 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  1. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the type, forms, time and manner of providing access to the aforementioned services.
  1. The Account service is available after registration according to the rules described in the Terms and Conditions and consists in providing the Customer with a dedicated panel in the Store, enabling him/her to modify his/her personal data, as well as to track the execution of Orders and the history of past Orders. A customer who has registered may request removal of the Account, but if such a request is made, it may be removed within 14 days of the request.
  1. Service Provider is entitled to block access to the Account and free services in the case of Customer’s actions to the detriment of Service Provider or other Clients, violation by the Client of the law or the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, as well as when blocking access is justified by security reasons – in particular by the Client breaking the security of the Store website or other hacking activities. Blocking access for these reasons lasts for the period necessary to resolve the issues underlying the blocking. Service Provider shall notify the Client of the blocking of access to selected services electronically.

§ 9
Agreement termination (not applicable to Agreement)

  1. Both the Client and the Service Provider may terminate the contract for the provision of services by electronic means at any time and without giving reasons, subject to the preservation of the rights acquired by the other party before the termination of the aforementioned contract and the provisions below.
  1. A Client who has registered terminates the agreement for provision of services by electronic means by sending the Service Provider an appropriate statement of intent, using any means of remote communication.
  1. Service Provider terminates the contract for the provision of services by electronic means by sending an appropriate statement of intent to the Orderer at the e-mail address provided during registration.

§ 10
Final provisions

  1. The content of these Terms & conditions may be recorded by printing, saving on a carrier or downloading from the Store’s website.
  1. In the event of a dispute arising under the concluded Agreement, the parties will seek to resolve the matter amicably. Each Client may make use of out-of-court ways to handle complaints and pursue claims. 
  1. Service Provider reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. All Orders accepted for execution are executed on the basis of the Terms and Conditions, which were in force on the date of placing the Order by the Customer. Service Provider will inform the Client about the change of Terms and Conditions via e-mail. If the Client does not accept the new content of the Terms and Conditions, he/she is obliged to notify the Service Provider, which results in termination of the contract.
  1. In matters not covered by these Terms and Conditions, generally applicable provisions of Polish law shall apply, in particular: Civil Code; Act on Providing Services by Electronic Means; Act on Consumer Rights, Act on Personal Data Protection.
  1. The Terms & conditions shall come into force on 19.04.2021.